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SF5 Inspired Cammy (WIP) by BrutalAce
SF5 Inspired Cammy (WIP)…

Didn't knew it will take that long but as I started looking at small details there are too many to cover so it's still not finished yet but looks good at this stage so I decided to share the progress. I call it "Inspired" because despite copying the details from her new (SF5) look I added a gun myself which is optional and can be turned off, also initially I was trying to create her belts myself but that didn't ended very well as they lacked the detail so I discarded them and went with XNALara resources so they don't exactly have the same look but something close.

P.S. Colors are not final.
Thank you guys for all the messages in past months, I was out of the modding scene so didn't checked my account properly, I am sorry.
Chunli Sporty By BrutalAce by BrutalAce
Chunli Sporty By BrutalAce
Chunli Sporty By BrutalAce

Hello everyone,

It's been sometime right ? I was lurking in the shadows so it's good to be out once again. After several attempts at Dead or Alive 5 LR modding with little to no success, I decided it's best to go back to the roots, here is another outfit proudly stolen from DOA5LR.


1. 10 colors.
2. Toggleable Glasses.
3. Alt hairstyle.
4. Toggleable helmet.
5. More muscular legs variation.
6. Physically connected mesh.

In addition to standard 10 colors palette, it has toggleable glasses that were quite hard to find because I was looking for something with sports look and there are none like that in XNALara so I got them from then it has an alternate boyish hairstyle which I was using originally to fit helmet on her head but it started looking nice without helmet too so I packed it as a variation.

I have been requested before to make Chunli thighs look more muscular in the past but that is something not possible without making her legs extremely highpoly and then sculpting the muscles on them so I used the good old normal map trick to make the muscles look more prominent, it's a subtle change but it makes them look stronger for those who like. Finally her body is mostly custom cut and joined with the outfit mesh physically to give a more clean look rather than placing the outfit over her body which cause clipping and other issues.


1. Make sure you do a backup of original files before copying any modded files.

2. Copy the modded files and paste them in

\Steam\SteamApps\common\Super Street Fighter IV - Arcade Edition\resources\battle\chara\CNL

 - Press OK when it ask you to overwrite.

3. Copy additional files after you copy 24 base files.

4. Based on Chunli's C2.

NOTE: You can use it on other slots by renaming the files.




1. None that I noticed. Please report if you notice any.


1. None.


1. The shoes in her 7th color are made black intentionally, it's not a mistake.

2. I know her keister looks awfully flat but that's how Chunli is so I won't be converting her into Mai on requests.


1. Tina Sports outfit by Zareef.
2. Glasses from I was unable to find the name of the author but thanks to him/her.
3. Cazy - Lemon haitstyle by Moogleoutfitters.
4. Sloth tools by Sloth.
5. Base body for SFxT by Sloth, revamped version for USF4 by me.
6. Decimation and UV mapping of glasses by me.
7. Body seam fixes, retexture, AO maps and proportional adjustments by me.
8. Rigging by me.
9. Ultra Street Fighter 4, Chunli and her outfits are the properties of Capcom.
10. All other assets and models are the properties of their respective owners.

I apologize for not answering anyone during this time of absense, I was just running away from anything related to modding. Hope you found the solution to your issues, if not feel free to send me a PM. I will also be moving my mods to another website slowly with only pics and links left on DA because I think I am running out of space.

Enjoy guys !


- BrutalAce

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